Floaters: Scheduled vs unscheduled.

Covers personal property that is easily movable and provides Additional coverage over what normal insurance policies do not. A Floaters Policy is used to cover expensive items in your home, such as jewelry, furs, and high-quality electronics. When basic coverage is not quite enough, specialized coverages can save the day and your wallet. Jewelry can be Scheduled or Unscheduled additions to your homeowner policy. Unscheduled personal Article’s coverage will cover your items without having to specifically list each individual appraised item, while for scheduled the items you want to be insured will require that it be appraised and listed. Unscheduled is more of a blanket policy, in that it increases the total amount for all items, but higher value items will be replaced for only the specified limit for a single item (this can be found on your policy).  An example would be if you owned a 10,000 watch and a 15,000 necklace and both were destroyed then you would get the item limit amount for each item less the policy deductible. Mysterious disappearances are not covered under an unscheduled floaters endorsement, but it is covered under the Scheduled floater endorsement.

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