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Why do 70,000+ Texas businesses of all sizes and industries trust Texas Mutual for workers’ compensation insurance? Our competitive premiums, health care network and dividend history help our policyholder owners protect workers, control costs and boost their bottom line.

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The Calm in the Storm

Despite the challenges of 2020, Texas Mutual remained steadfast in its commitment to our policyholders, agents and employees who count on us. In our 2020 reports, you can see how we stepped in to strengthen Texas during a tough year.

2020 Annual Report

2020 Financial Highlights (PDF)

2020 Community Affairs Report (PDF)

We’re proud to be the leader in workers’ compensation

Texas Mutual has been building a stronger, safer Texas for more than 25 years.

We’re here to make workers’ comp work for you.

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Texas Mutual helps Paige and Texas Ballet Theater work safely

Paige Nyman, dancer with Texas Ballet Theater, puts safety and wellness at the forefront of everything she does. We’re proud to support her and our policyholder, Texas Ballet Theater, with safety training and resources to help keep their employees safe on the job.

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Paige Nyman - Texas Ballet theater