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Fort Worth Small Business Insurance

Charla Brotherton Insurance Agency offers small businesses a new way to buy business insurance in Texas starting for as little as $22.50 per month. Charla Brotherton Insurance Agency specializes in general liability insurance, professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions insurance), and business owners policy. We also provide insurance to protect you from most of life’s challenges.

Business Owners Policy for Fort Worth

What do you get when you combine general liablity and business property insurance? Business owners policy (BOP). When a business wants to protect their own business equipment BOP is what they need.

  • Property Liability Insurance: A business Owners’ Policy (BOP) can include property liability insurance which can cover your business equipment, electronics, and furniture including accidental damage. This is as important to businesses in Fort Worth as it is any where else.
  • Office insurance for business interruption: If you frequently travel to client sites and use specific equipment such as tools or even a computer and that equipment breaks you need to get it fixed or replaced. A business owner’s policy could cover the cost to replace your broken equipment, up to your policy limit, and help keep your business running.
  • If you have data that you sell to clients and the hard drive it’s on crashes and some of the data is corrupted a business owner’s policy could help. A BOP could help cover the cost of recovering the data and keep you in business.

General Liability Insurance for Fort Worth

General liability insurance, also known as Commercial General Liability (CGL), protects your business and you from another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs, and damage to property. Examples of what could be covered:

  • Bodily injury: Even with careful planning and the best precautions, injuries and accidents can still happen on the job or at your place of business. One of your clients could trip and fall over a short table in the lobby of your business. If your client is injured and if you’re  held legally liable, having commercial general liability insurance for business can help cover claims by third parties for their bodily injury.If you meet with customers or vendors in person, you really need to have general liability insurance coverage. Regardless of where you work having general liability insurance coverage can protect you from these types of claims and lawsuits.
  • Associated medical costs: If an accident occurs and someone other than you or an employee is injured at your place of business, your Charla Brotherton Agency business general liability insurance policy may cover associated medical expenses for each injured person, up to $5,000 per person. Bodily injury can occur on the job in many different industries including plumbing, HVAC contracting, construction, and electrical work. A client could trip and fall over your ladder, resulting in a broken bone. Injuries could also occur at yoga studio. A Yoga instructor could place her mat on the ground before class, and a student trips over it and pulls a muscle or breaks a bone.In all of these possible situations, the business could be sued for the medical expenses that result from injuries. Medical expenses can easily soar to thousands of dollars (or more!), even for injuries that appear to be minor. Protect yourself and your business with a commercial general liability insurance policy from Charla Brotherton Insurance Agency.
  • Personal injury: This includes slander, which can happen even if you’re not the one directly doing it. If you run a nail salon and have some employees who are talking about one of your clients in a false and unflattering way, you could be sued for slander. We at Charla Brotherton Insurance Agency, we can protect you and cover the subsequent claim, up to your CGL policy’s limits of liability. We can also pay for an attorney if you need one. Whether you or your employee commits the act of libel or slander, your business could held responsible and suffer huge financial losses if you don’t have general liability insurance for your business.
  • Electronic Data Liability: Property damage can take many forms, from damage to electronic data or physical property. We thought of every situation at Charla Brotherton Agency and want to make sure your 100% protected. This includes electronic data liability which is covered under our commercial general liability insurance policy to protect all of our customers including those who work in the IT field. If you’re an IT professional and you accidentally damage a client’s computer or even worse their server while working on it and they can’t recover any of the data, they might try to sue you for damages. We would cover any damages up to your limits of liability. As part of our general liability insurance, we do everything we can to make sure you’re protected. We offer $25,000 in electronic data liability coverage and coverage for damages for premises rented and a separate personal/advertising injury limit.Most people would consider electronic data more important than office furniture or even the building in a business environment and losing that data can be detremental. Choosing Charla Brotherton Agency for your consulting and technology insurance needs will allow us to protect you against electronic data liability claims.

Professional Liabilty Insurance for Fort Worth

Professional liability insurance is also known as Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O insurance). E&O insurance covers another person’s claims against your professional and personal service business.

  • Negligence: If you’re an general contractor and you install a bathroom toilet that is found to not be ADA compliant the business owner could be fined. They may file a claim against you to recover the fine and fees. A professional liability insurance policy could help cover the claim.
  • Personal Injury (e.g., Libel or Slander): Like we talked about earlier, libel and slander are forms of personal injury with legal ramifications which could hurt you and/or your business, regardless if the accusations are true or not. Personal injury or libel and slander claims can be brought against you from you or your employees intentional disparaging of a person or business or even an slip-up made in passing, and everything in between. We’ve prepared for every situation and make sure you’re protected too. Our professional liability insurance coverage is designed to protect you and your business against libel and slander claims.
  • Protection even if you haven’t made a mistake: Let’s say you’re a personal trainer working with a client on a new excersice. They get hurt becuase they didn’t tell you about their history of back injuries. Your client could file suit against you even if you didn’t do anything wrong. Our professional liability insurance policy could protect you.


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