Renters Insurance

What is the point of Renters Insurance?

Well, while most apartment buildings and housing units will have insurance that covers the building, a renter’s personal property is not covered by the landlord’s insurance and therefore will need to be covered by the renter themselves. Renters Insurance protects your personal property against perils while also insuring you if someone on your property ends up injured.

Most carriers offer several discounts when you are purchasing a renters policy. Discounts such as Paperless Policy, Good Payer, Loyalty Discount, Multi Line, and Welcome Discount are all ready to save potential customers on their insurance. A good tip when purchasing Renters Insurance is to take photos or videos of any personal possessions that you wish to be insured. Make sure you are covered for all the hazards that come with life, with coverages such as personal property, liability, and additional living expenses you can be prepared for anything thrown at you.

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