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Workers’ comp protects Fort Worth, Texas businesses

Why does Fort Worth businesses trust Charla Brotherton Insurance Agency? Our competitive rates, history with the locals, and health care network help our policyholder owners, like you, protect workers, control costs and boost their bottom line.

The experienced agents at the Chrala Brotherton Insurance Agency can put a Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance package together that can help safeguard your business from potential lawsuits while protecting your employees in the event of injury or illness during employment.

Workers’ Comp Insurance help’s injured employees get back to work. It provides the employee and employer with peace of mind that there will be medical expense coverage for an incident that takes place on the job. Additionally, as the business owner providing comp insurance, you are protecting your business from being sued by an injured employee, thus safeguarding your bottom line.

What is workers’ comp?

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The Calm in the Storm

Despite the challenges over the last few years, Charla Brotherton Insurance Agency has been commited to our policyholders and our city who count on us. We’ve provided our policyholders with peace of mind in times of need and unimaginable hardship.

We’re proud to be Fort Worth leaders in workers’ compensation

Charla Brotherton Insurance Agency has been building a stronger, safer Fort Worth for more than a decade.

We make workers’ comp work for you, not the other way around.

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What does Workers’ Compensation cover?
  • Medical Costs to Treat immediate injuries and illnesses
  • Wages missed
  • Legal Costs if an Employee Sues You over the Injury
  • Ongoing Care related to surgery, treatment, and rehabilitation from specialists
  • Funeral Costs and Death Benefits – The Texas Department of Insurance recorded 527 fatal work-related injuries in 2015.
What isn’t covered by workers’ compensation insurance?
  • Injuries resulting from horseplay
  • Injuries as a result of voluntary drug or alcohol intoxication
  • Injuries inflicted by someone for personal reasons unrelated to the place of business
  • Injuries that are intentional or self-inflicted
  • Injuries from voluntary participation in afterhour or off duty recreational, sports, or social events
  • Injuries from “acts of God” (like floods or hurricanes), unless the job has a high risk of such injuries.
How much does Workers’ Compensation Insurance cost?

As with any other types of insurance, there are many different factors to consider when calculating workers’ compensation policies. These factors can include the total number of employees, the type of business operations you conduct, and the total annual payroll of your business.

An good example of how different businesses can have wildly different workers’ compensation policies: a construction company with workers working in dangerous conditions, working around chemicals, or frequently operating heavy machinery would have a greater chance of an accident than an architectural office. The construction company would have a higher workers’ compensation premium. In addition, some larger employers will be affected by their prior claims experience with premium credits for low claim experience and increased premiums for those with more claims.

Workers’ Comp insurance is purchased as a separate policy. Although business owners policies (BOPs) are sold as package policies, they do not include coverage for workers’ injuries.

To find out more about Dallas Workers’ Comp Insurance or any of our other business insurance products and services, contact us today at, (817) 924-0404.

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